Como buen blog en decadencia por semi-abandono, KYT presenta un nuevo mixtape. Este ni siquiera fue especialmente hecho para este blog, sino como regalo personal para un amigo que luego decidió subirlo a mixcloud,  así que mas desprolijo todo aun.
 Ta, para que la historia sirva de introducción, este mixtape fue hecho con la intención de que mi amigo extranjero (Nikita, de los geniales AWOTT a quienes aprovecho a promocionar) conozca un poco mas de música que mi me gusta de Latinoamérica. Obviamente es algo imposible de resumir en una hora, asi que no espero que se tome como la lista definitiva de mvc de rock latino o algo asi. Son simplemente canciones que pegan bien juntas y me gustan mucho. Planeo hacer secuelas de esto en el futuro asi que no me vengan con que porque no pusiste a los fulanos o cosas asi. La lista es bastante variada, no hay implicaciones temporales o estilísticas en la selección de los temas. Lo único que tienen estos artistas en común es que me gustan a mi, o sea 100 % subjetividad.

 Ahora pienso que debería estar escribiendo esto en inglés, para que el lector no latinoamericano que este leyendo esto que llegue aquí de casualidad pueda entender de que se trata esto, que además porque es el tipo de persona a la que iba dirigido este mixtape. Hay un texto en ingles que voy a poner al final de este post que es el que originalmente le mande a Nikita para que sepa algún dato de lo que estaba escuchando. Supongo que leído por algún local el texto va resultar gracioso.
 Anyway: YOU! Yes YOU! Foreign non spanish speaker visitor that landed on this blog. Here`s a mixtape of latin american artist that I personally like. Please enjoy and if you want to know more about the artists featured here, please read the text bellow (or just google them).

 Ah, me olvidaba el arte de tapa que eligió el pibe es una foto de Antonella Moltini.

 Bueno, si mas introducción, aquí esta el mixtape:

 When Nikita ask me to collect a mixtape for me with songs that changed my life, my mind and attitude towards music i was afraid to do a very boring and predictable mixtape. I mean, most of that songs are very "classic rock songs". So, instead of doing a mixtape with Sex Pistols, Joy Division and Black Sabbath songs that everybody already heard I did one only with local and regional bands that shock my life. Most of them are from Uruguay and Argentina, but also from other parts of Latin America. Here it is. 

1.Travesti - Juventud Residual
 Axito was the perfect soundtrack of the latin american financial crisis in the begining of the XXI Century. It fitted perfecttly with the zeigeist of the time and Travesti was the band that recovered my faith with the true spirit of punk. I truly think that Travesti is one of the top 5 five best bands of world right now.
2.Dios - Los Campesinos
 I didnt like Dios (spanish for "God") the first time I heard it. It can be a hard at the begining, but once you like it, you fall in love. During the 90s this Buenos Aires trio of drums, bass and almost-spoken-word singer remind me that the best way to do music is create your own music (no guitar band in the 90s!!!). Pedro Amodio´s poetry is pure Buenos Aires like tango singer´s were in the 40s.
3.Los Gallos Humanos - Los Gallos Humanos
 Simultaneously of Dios in Buenos Aires, los Gallos Humanos marked his own way to make music in Montevideo mixing a simple piano player and singer that spitted dark poetry. When I was a teenager I didnt know if I like or not Gallos Humanos, but their crude originality captivated me. Now I love that band.
4.Los Estomagos - Gritar
 Los Estomagos were the best and most popular band in the Montevideo post-dictatorship scene. I´ve been hearing their songs since I was very very little child.
5.Sumo - Night & Day
 Sumo´s singer and leader Luca Prodan had a so cinematographic life that he became a regional rock myth and also a couple of movies about his life (the only good one is a documentary called "Luca"). From an aristocratic european family to the Cordoba mountains that guy bring a lot of information a creativity that changed the face of music around here.
6.Bogo - Pelea de monos
 Bogo is probably my favorite band right now in the Montevideo Scene. They had the main characteritic that i like from a band: they create they own universe and imaginery, not only through music but also through poetry, manifestos and drawings. When they are with the correct energy their live set can be mind blowing and truly cathartic.
7.Chicos Electricos-Por un papel
 Chicos Electricos were the first local band that I truly felt a strong connection. Nobody liked them. Not only my parents, but alson all of my friends back then liked them...so they stopped to be my friends. They were dirty, nasty, noisy and in their lyrics they talked about an underground and dangerous city nightlife that i didnt known at the time butlater became my life.
8.Los Saicos - (Fugitivo de Alcatraz)
 A lot has been written about the Saicos as been the first world punk rock band. I don´t care of that stupid competition of finding the first rare punk rock band in a third world country, I just love their noisy and primitive rock.
9.Os Mutantes - Panis et circenses
  Probably the best 60s south american band ever. Mindblowing creativity. They teach the continent that you can take a foreign music (psichodelic rock) and make it local only being yourself.
10.Siamese Rip - Varicela tiene a Timmy
 Two Montevideo´s teen girls (16 and 17 years old back then) that recorded some sound experiments some years ago a put them in myspace. They never released a record and only played live two times, but they truly make and impact in my life.
11.Pedro Amodio - Vida de pelicula
 Pedro was Dios´s singer. Now has a band called Muso Fantasma and sometimes he makes some solo experiments with samples, tapes and spoken word and put them in the web. That´s a fine example of that. Probably one of the best unknown poet of the spanish lenguange.
12.Eduardo Darnauchans - Cancion del tiempo y el espacio
 I love this man. My parents heard them a lot so its in my veins. Darnauchans transformed saddness in pure beauty.
13.Cross - Margat
 Like Chicos Electrico´s, Cross is another cursed underground band with more hatters than lovers. I didnt care in the past, I dont care now. This ballad is not of the kind of most numbers in their records (they are more hard-rock oriented) but the lysergic tale that is told in the lyrics descrive my teen years perfectly. 
14.Buenos Muchachos - Vamos todavia uruguayo
 Buenos Muchachos are my favorite band of Uruguay and probably the world. They are so Montevideo-feeling that I dont if foreigns can apreciatte their music. The most important lesson that they taught me was that you can make rock music that doesnt sound foreign without appealing to "roots music" only being yourself and breathing the same 
air that everybody in the city does.
15.Los Negretes - Cancion Lenta
 Los Negretes are a fantastic mexican rock band. This velvetian "cancion lenta" is my favorite number in their brand new record (Mexico City Blues).

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